Help Wanted

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed ACTION is the best antidote!

  • Print copies of color flyers to promote group’s actions and events.
  • Host a phone bank/postcard-writing event to support democratic candidates
  • Yonkers residents: Join us to talk to voters (Knock Every Door Initiative).
  • Light research and spreadsheet entry – really important to help us make a greater impact; for both, the templates are done and are partially filled:
    • Comprehensive contact list of all MoCs and congressional committees
    • Comprehensive contact list of activist groups like ours in the NY metro area
  • Research legislation as it goes thru the process of becoming law, on topics and issues of interest amongst our members. Training Guide with resources and committee partners available.
  • Be a greeter! Coming to our next general meeting Sunday September 10th. Want to meet others that will attend? It’s fun and easy! If interested, please email.