Healthcare Training Materials

With record legislative support for New York Health, we are promoting a statewide base-building strategy with tools you can use wherever you are in New York State. To win this fight, we need to build strong, diverse local movements that can tell the story of how New Yorkers struggle with the current for-profit healthcare system. This will be the key to winning over support from Republican Senators and to prepare ourselves to fight back against the misinformation campaign the insurance companies are going to wage to discredit our efforts.

Below you will see links to the various resources mentioned on the call. It’s a long list. Our hope is that you will be able to take on a piece of the organizing that fits your interests, and use it to build the movement for universal healthcare in your area. If you create new organizing resources, please share and we will post them on the Organizing Resources section of the website:

We are working on setting up new communications platforms so that organizers from the various corners of New York can be in touch with one another about the fantastic organizing work everyone is doing. Please take a moment to fill out this form and we’ll be following-up to help connect everyone according to organizing tactics you are pursuing.

Organizing Tools and Tactics Use them, love them, and keep us posted on how the tools are working for you.

Stories and Canvassing Canvassing refers to going door-to-door in a neighborhood and having conversations with community members. It is an essential and effective component of organizing. We have started compiling the tools to you’ll need to be successful:

Canvassing is a primary tool for unearthing healthcare stories. Stories make political issues personal. And asking people to share their healthcare experiences is a first step in inviting them to join our movement. Stay tuned for info about our upcoming training on organizing and canvassing in two week.

Business Outreach Thank you Morgan for sharing your experience with outreach to businesses in Brooklyn. This is a growing project.

The printable resources that are usually most helpful for business outreach are:

The letter is what we want Business Owners to sign. There is also an online sign on:

We have started compiling resources for outreach to business owners in this shared Google Drive folder. Please add any resources you are developing that you would like to share with other campaign organizers.

Report back to us after speaking with small businesses. This helps us identify allies/opponents & places where we need to follow up. This simple form should be easily accessed on your phone, so you can record the info on the go.

Clergy & Faith Outreach Thank you to Rev. Emily McNeil for organizing the Health Care is a Moral Issue clergy sign on letter. If you are part of a faith community or would like take this opportunity to build relationships with faith leaders in your area, please share the letter with them: There will be an organizing calls to plan a faith-led action for New York Health on May 4 for everyone who has signed on to the letter. So the time to circulate the clergy sign-on letter is now!

Local County and Town Resolutions Thank you Sara from the Buffalo Campaign for NY Health organizing team for sharing your experience passing the Buffalo City Council resolution in support of New York Health. If you would like to work on a local resolution, visit the how-to guide here:

Weekly Actions Thank you Ling Hsu for sharing this fantastic Menu of action items and resources.

Sign up to receive alerts about weekly Healthcare Hump Day calls to action.

Collection of print materials (fliers, postcards, etc; will be continually updated as new materials pop up).

Spreadsheet of Senators that shows who co-sponsors, who is on what committees, contact info.

Bird-dog your Senator! Does your Senator have any upcoming appearances? Get a group together and bird-dog your elected official. Here is a quick 101 about bird-dogging from ACT UP veterans.

Social Media Tool Kit here.

Go to the NY legislative page for NY Health Act S4840 click “Aye” to say you support the bill.

Report back to us after calling or visiting a NY Senator. This helps us identify allies/opponents & places where we need to follow up.

Join Facebook group Healthcare Events in NY.

Join Facebook group NY Arts and Healthcare Alliance.

To win a policy change as substantial as universal healthcare, it’s going to take all of us.

Thank you for being part of this fight!

– Ursula, Katie, and the Campaign for New York Health team