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Rapid Response if Trump fires Mueller – Emergency “Nobody is Above the Law” Rallies

Sign up @ (search for events by zip code). If Mueller is fired before 2PM, events begin at 5PM; AFTER 2PM, events begin at NOON the next day


Congress betrayed its promise to Dreamers yet again, and passed another CR without a solution for DACA. The Seed Project is organizing an escalation tactic – a BIG WALK FROM NYC TO DC. On Thursday, Feb. 15th, they are hosting a rally at 11:00 am to kick off the march at Battery Park across from the Statue of Liberty. They are asking for our help:

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Tereza, 646-326-7066


To reach our Members of Congress:


Coming in February – The SENATE will make its move against Dodd-Frank.
S 2155, Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act

This act, with its Orwellian title, is advertised as a reasonable re-adjustment of Dodd-Frank regulations to “relieve” smaller banks which – it is argued – did not contribute to the crash in the first place. Not exactly! This bill would provide “relief” to all but the very largest banks, Moreover, it removes important protections for home buyers. But the greater worry is that if this bill passes, there will be a conference to reconcile it with the much more dangerous House bill (HR 10) which essentially guts every aspect of Dodd-Frank.

Contact our Senators and ask – demand – that they do everything to stop this bill.
(For more details and a great script, see


Net neutrality was repealed by the FCC. The Save Net Neutrality Act (HR 4585), sponsored by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, would reverse the repeal. In the Senate, a Joint Resolution sponsored by Ed Markey (D-MA) has 30 cosponsors. It bypasses committee rules and forces a floor vote. This will hold members of Congress accountable on this issue in the midterm elections.

Contact Rep. Engel: Hi, I’m [name and zip code]. I encourage you to support H.R.4585, the Save Net Neutrality Act of 2017 to maintain the free and open internet that supports open communication and fair competition in our society.

Contact Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand: Hi, I’m [name and location, zip code]. I urge the Senator to cosponsor the Congressional Review Act “resolution of disapproval” to reverse the recent FCC decision to deny net neutrality to American citizens.


Call Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390. Press “2” to get a live person.
Pick a time and call weekly. We suggest that if possible, you make a separate call for each issue:

Healthcare: Tell the Governor that he needs to take leadership with the Senate and the IDC to bring these bills to a vote in the Senate.

• The NY Health Act (NYHA, S4840) would provide comprehensive universal health coverage for every New Yorker and replace private insurance company coverage. This is especially crucial in light of recent federal actions to undermine and destroy the ACA.

• The Reproductive Health Act (RHA, S2796) would codify essential protections for those seeking or performing abortions that are not covered by New York State’s archaic 1970 abortion law, which predates Roe v Wade. With the President appointing Supreme Court justices who will support overturning Roe, and issuing regulations to undermine access to abortion, it is crucial that the RHA be passed now.

For the RHA and CCA, please print, sign and send these 3 letters to Governor Cuomo, Senator Klein and Senator Flanagan.
Governor Cuomo
Senator Flanagan
Senator Klein

• The Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (CCCA, S3668) is essential legislation to assure access to contraception without deductibles, co-pays or sales tax, in light of recent federal threats.

Call Senator John Flanagan, the President and Majority Leader of the Senate, at 518-455-2071 with the same message.

Independent Democratic Conference

1) Call Governor Cuomo and tell him to exercise real leadership to demand the dissolution of the IDC, which maintains Republican control of the State Senate and blocks the progressive legislation that so many New Yorkers want, including those who voted for the 8 IDC members on the Democratic Party line.

2) And phone bank from home! We have to make it clear to every New Yorker what the IDC is, and how it prevents ALL New Yorkers from getting the progressive policies that we need to fight back against the Trump agenda, and build a better future for our state. Phone banks are held every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday from 6PM to 9PM (click to sign up) to call Democratic voters in IDC districts.

Indian Point:

The reactors at the Nuclear Power Plant in Buchanan, NY are slated to close in in 2-3 years, but they present an imminent danger to our region. A high-pressure natural gas pipeline runs close to the reactors and nuclear waste storage facility. An explosion would make our region uninhabitable and affect the entire US economy. In February 2016 – 2 years ago – Governor Cuomo commissioned a $250,000 risk assessment of the pipeline and its potential impact on Indian Point. The report has not yet been released, despite efforts by concerned citizens, watchdog groups, and FOIA applications. We need to know what is in that report and WE ARE STILL WAITING!!!!!

1) Call Governor Cuomo and tell him to release the risk assessment of gas pipelines near Indian Point.

2) Request the risk assessment directly from the NYS Public Service Commission. Go to; scroll down to the “Electric” column; scroll down & click on “Indian Point Closure Task Force;” and choose “post comment.”